MountZionBibleCollege was one of the earliest Pentecostal Bible Colleges in India which was founded by Rev. Robert F. Cook in 1922. Our Seminary is an Auxiliary of Church of God Cleveland, Tennessee, USA and a part of Church of God (full gospel) In India. This establishment remains a pride not only for KeralaState, but to the Church of God the world over.

We have already got the Third Level Certification from Church of God international Education department and on the process of the Fourth Level Certification. At present we have the graduate and under graduate programmes like B.Th, G.Th. and C.Th. Recently we expanded our college campus, extending the infrastructural work, computerized the library, and appointed post graduate teachers for each department.


The foundation stone of Pentecostal movements in India, later on the Pentecostal organizations has been laid down by Rev. Robert Felix Cook, who was a man of great missionary zeal. All the main stream Pentecostal organizations has it’s stem sprouting from the works of Rev. R. F. Cook. He was introduced to India by a missionary called Burg who had  a group of people in India having Bible based reformation. But they were not at all organized as a society with either brethren or Pentecostal doctrines.

In 1913 R F Cook came to Bangalore and in 1914 he reached Kerala. Rev Burg was forced to desert  India because of first world war for he was of German origin, though an American .The first task of Cook in Kerala was to organize the prayer groups having an Apostolic Ministry Rev. Cook established various pioneer  churches  in the southern provinces of Kerala.

In1921 Cook came to Travancore region and stayed at Kottarakara. In1921 he concentrated his work in Travancore province, biding farewell to Doddabellapure, his first mission stay in India. His residence served as the Head Quarter of the missions.


As the organization began to group up, it was badly in need of trained ministers. Till then, the worker were not so trained, they were, in a sense, followers of Cook. How bait, they managed the church groups and vibrantly engaged in pioneer mission’s.

To tackle down the problem, Cook began a HomeBibleSchool in 1922. It was not an academic oriented school, but merely sharing the word of god in preliminary way. Later on the home bible school, too, moved along with him.

In 1927 MountZion became the permanent headquarter and the BibleCollege was shifted to the veranda of the newly constructed Bungalow. Mrs. Cook served as the first principal of this school.


Tracing it’s origin in 1922 at Kottarakara as home bible training centre, Mount Zion Bible College is the first Bible training centre established in south India. All the most all the native Pentecostal leaders who helmed various Pentecostal organization in India, were well trained from MountZionBibleCollege. Now also we have our alumni all around India and abroad who are constantly fighting for the cause oh His Kingdom .Though we have so many limitations in modern setup, we are proud of having a land marking heritage, becoming generations.


MountZionBibleCollege began during 1922. It started to maintain its admission enrollment records from 1956 onwards.

From the year 1956 to 1967 we have 230 graduates. At present the written records are at MountZionBibleCollege office.

1968 to 1979 we have 113 graduates.

1980 to 1990 we have 152 graduates.

1990 to 1995 we have 155 graduates.

1996 to 2008 we have 272 graduates.

Total strength of student body is 50.

This year we have 14 graduating students, out of this 6- C. Th., 2 – G.Th., and 6 – B.Th.


  • To have a general and good comprehension of the word of god in its entirety;
  • To handle theological and doctrinal matters without doubt;
  • To think theologically and preach and teach the word with deep conviction and without confusion;
  • To have burden and zeal to carry the gospel among the unreached;
  • To be a good church planter;
  • To be strong defenders of faith where varieties of strange and false teachings and doctrines prevail;
  • To be godly men reflecting holiness in daily life, unblamable in dealings and relationship with others;
  • To be able to care, love the church and serve God faithfully with Christian maturity and total commitment


In Mt.ZionBibleCollege with level 3 recognition of the Church of God International, C.Th., G.Th. and  B.Th courses are offered in Malayalam medium. God enabled us to start the M.Div (Master of Divinity) course in the year 2008. M. Div course is being conducted in English. Moreover, in 2009-2010, M.A and M.C.L courses of the Asian Seminary of Christian Ministries at Philippines, the eminent Christian educational institution in Asia, are proposed to be started. In all these courses, 50 students are studying. Total number of Students enrolled for C.Th. at present is 14, out of this 6 will be graduating this year. Total number of Students enrolled for G.Th. at present is 10 out of this 2 will be graduating this year. Total number of Students enrolled for B.Th. at present is 17 out of this 6 will be graduating this year


1 C.Th 2 years Below S.S.L.C. Malayalam
2 G.Th 2 years S.S.L.C. Passed Malayalam
3 B.Th 3 years P.D.C/ +2 Malayalam
4 M.Div 2 years B.Th with Second class English
5 M.Div 3 years Any Degree from a recognized University English


The following courses are offered at Mount Zion Bible Seminary and are all absolutely Bible centered, and aims to impart knowledge and equip the students for practical ministry.

Certificate in Theology (C. Th.)

Diploma in Theology is a three year programme for those who have failed S.S.L.C / H.S.L.C. This is designed to provide a basic understanding of the Bible and Christian faith. The medium of study is Malayalam.

Graduate in Theology (G. Th.)

Graduate in Theology is a three year programme for those who have passed S.S.L.C / H.S.L.C. This is designed to provide a basic understanding of the Bible and Christian faith. The medium of study is Malayalam.

Bachelor of Theology (B.Th)

Bachelor of Theology is a three year programme for those passed Higher Secondary or 10 + 2. This is an intensive study in all biblical studies, doctrines and practical ministries, and aims to prepare students for Pastoral and mission ministries. The medium of study is Malayalam.

Master of Divinity (M.Div).

Master of Divinity is a two year programme for those who have completed Bachelor of Theology and three years for those who have completed a degree course from any recognized university. This course is designed to provide a strong foundation in biblical, theological and practical knowledge and prepares one to deal the theological and practical issue critically and biblically and enables one to be a strong defender of truths of the scripture in their pastoral, mission or other Christian Education ministries. Such emphasis is given on expository preaching, counseling and Christian leadership. Language study (Greek and Hebrew) is compulsory. And a two months summer ministry (internship) for M.Div two years and a three months summer ministry for M.Div three years is a requirement for graduation.