The Church recognizes the Exhorter as a regular rank of the ministry. It is however, the primary rank and all the applicants for the ministry must serve as Exhorters before being promoted in rank, except Licensed Ministers coming from other reputable Organizations

Must have the Baptism of the Holy Ghost

The candidate for the Exhorter must be actively engaged in the ministry either in evangelistic or pastoral work before being recommended for licensing

Must be thoroughly acquainted with the teachings and doctrines of the Church of God as set forth by the General Assembly

Must successfully pass the examination given by a duly constituted Board of Examiners

Right and Authorities

The Exhorter shall have full right and authority to

  • Preach, publish, teach and defend the Gospel of Jesus Christ
  • Serve as helper and Evangelist
  • Serve as Pastor of a Church
  • In case of emergency he may be authorized by the State Overseer to baptize converts and receives believers into fellowship of Church membership
  • When the Exhorter is serving as Pastor and where State laws recognize the Credentials of an Exhorter as those of a duly authorized minister of the Gospel, the Exhorter may solemnize the rites of matrimony
  • Exhorters who are serving as helpers and assistants may receive tithes when available
  • That the Exhorter must be active in the ministry, and that he re required to pay tithes to the State/Regional Overseer and to the respective State Office
  • Exhorter may be promoted to the rank of the Licensed Minister when deemed qualified by the State Overseer and other concerned