• Must have the baptism of the Holy Ghost
  • The candidates for Licensed Minister shall be actively engaged in the ministry in pastoral or evangelistic work
  • Must be thoroughly acquainted with the teachings and doctrines of the Church of God as set forth by the General Assembly
  • Must successfully pass the examination given by a duly constituted Board of Examiners for ministerial candidates. It s understood that the examination will embrace areas of Church government, doctrine and general biblical knowledge


Rights and Authorities

The Licensed minister shall have full right and authority to

  • Preach, publish, teach and defend the Gospel of Jesus Christ
  • Do the work of an Evangelist
  • Serve as Pastor of the Church
  • Baptize Converts
  • Receive believers into fellowship of Church membership
  • Administer Holy Sacraments
  • Solemnize rites of matrimony
  • Establish Churches
  • That the Licensed Minister shall be privileged to sit in the general Council of Ordained Ministers without voting privileges

A Licensed Minister may be Ordained at the age of 25 years, provided he has had at least eight years in active ministry or at the age of thirty years provided he has had five years experience in active ministry, if otherwise qualified